1981-82 - ACM First Organized at Graceland

It was during the 1981-82 school year that Graceland organized the first student chapter of the ACM. Ever since then, the ACM has been the "computer club" at Graceland. There may have been a couple years in which our student chapter was considered inactive by the national ACM because annual reports were not sent to headquarters by the faculty sponsor or club officers. The following photo and caption can be found in the 1982 Acacia (Graceland's yearbook for 1981-82). Spelling errors have been corrected. Click image for full size.

first club Members were: 1st row: Mike Eason. 2nd row: Lisa Pool, Nancy Shaeffer, John Adamski, Mark Strychacz, David Wilson, Bob Watt. 3rd row: Ken Krangle, Tim Raffety, Brad Gault, Linda Hampton, Jeff Ayers. 4th row: Darrell Crawford, David Clothier, Steve Dimmitt, Keith Chappelow, Curtis Martin.


The ACM Chapter on Graceland campus is new this semester. The chapter's existence was initiated by Keith Chappelow. He wrote to the national ACM organization and received all the information necessary to get the chapter started.

The purpose of the organization is to promote an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction and applications of modern computing machinery. Also to promote a greater interest in computing machinery of applications and to provide a means of communications between persons having an interest in computing machinery.