Introduction to Web Page Programming (CSIT 1060)

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The powerpoint slides used in class are up in the RESOURCES subdirectory on the W-drive (see below). You can copy them to your computer for use or review but be aware that I may alter/improve them just prior to when I use them in class so make sure you have the latest (e.g., don't copy them too far ahead of the lecture).


I have a directory containing power point slides and other resources specific to this class (csit1060) on the academic file server (AcadFS) at:

\\AcadFS\Classwork\JonesJim\Resources If on campus you can enter this from the Start-->Run menu, but it is more convenient to access it by going to your W-drive. Off-campus users must use WinSCP to transfer files to/from Graceland's servers.

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