Programming Languages (CPSC 3400)

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Check the Assignments link above (most relevant deadlines will show there). However, since this is a small class I am unlikely to post announcement here. Announcements will be given in class and/or to your Graceland email.


Directory containing power point slides and other resources cpsc3400 is on the W-drive (AcadFS) that is reachable from on-campus at:

\\AcadFS\Classwork\JonesJim\Resources Enter the above via Start-->Run or go to your W-drive. Off-campus users can FTP, possibly from your browser by entering the following URL (subtitute your username for jdoe): ftp://graceland\ A login dialog should appear. If the username is not filled in correctly enter graceland\jdoe for it and login with your usual Graceland password. Once in, navigate to JonesJim, Resources, etc. Drag the icons of interest to the desktop or other folders to download them.

Here is a Wiki site in progress on the History of Programming Languages that is a good resourse:

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