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Assoc. Professor of Computer Science
Comp Sci Dept, Graceland College
Phone: (515) 784-5294

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Purpose of this Portfolio Web Page and Tips for Reviewers

The purpose of this webpage is to supplement the hardcopy portfolio under review. Since it is also viewable to the world, it can only be a supplement.

You need to keep coming back to this page since all roads begin from here. You can bookmark it as usual, or simply press the BACK button icon repeatedly to return to this page (the BACK button icon is usually at the top of your Netscape or Internet Explorer window). DO NOT press any links which say Return to... or Go Back to... and expect to back up since that is not the same as pressing the BACK button. You may do so, but it will require additional pressing of the BACK button to get back to this page.

Materials for On-line Review

1. Resume

2. Research, Publications, Presentations

3. From My Perspective...

4. Past Professional Activities Reports

5. Representative Course Syllabi

23:101 is a freshman level service course with 60 or more students. I go to some lengths to spell out my definition of "doing your own work" in an electronic medium. The others are typical for my other classes. I provide a link in my syllabi for students to determine their final exam times (try it out, I created it myself).