Information for Computer users at Graceland University

The links below provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) or general information that would be useful to computer users at Graceland University. Just click on the title of interest below:

Fixing Broken Bookmarked Favorites
After 11/11/02 when the new Graceland web structure went on-line, you may have bookmarked links that no longer work. This shows how to fix them.

E-mail Lists at Graceland
E-mail Lists are used for communication in classes, departments, clubs, and announcments at Graceland. Learn more about them, how they work, and how to interact with to do some useful things.

Using Outlook Express to handle your e-mail
This describes and shows the screen snapshots for configuring your Outlook Express program so that it can be used for checking your Graceland e-mail. This is much easier than using pine.

Creating and FTPing graphic files for use in your webpages
This describes and shows the screen snapshots for creating a simple graphical file (GIF), transfering it to your web account (FTP), and making it viewable in a webpage. Additional information regarding image files (JPEG, JPG) is also included.

Several Tips for Computer Programmers
These are things that may not be taught in your programming classes, but are useful things I have learned.